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AI is here to stay, that's why we built a solution that can deliver a richer, interactive experience for your audience.

See how this simple chat bot can transform your simple contact form and existing process into a powerhouse that saves you time and money. All while converting your leads at a higher rate and providing superior help, answers and even schedule your appointments and close deals.


Interactive AI Solutions that your customers will love

AI Digital Assistants are like a dedicated, personal assistant that is ready, available and spot-on 24/7, 365 days a year.

Digital Assists cost much less than a full-time employee and they never call in sick. Nor will they complain about their lack of sleep, problems or their pay. They simply deliver continuous, 24/7 intelligent engagement that is designed to convert your traffic or manage your support.

Our AI-driven chatbot solution transforms every web interaction into an opportunity for growth.

Botsaic works anywhere you can insert a code snippet!

Anywhere you can insert a code snippet, we’re there… here are some of the most popular platforms.

Conversational Marketing

The web is turning conversational. Build and deploy simple automated chatbots that engage & delight your prospects, customers & users with a variety of exciting use cases.
  • Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Nurturing
  • Conversion
Drag and Drop Bot Software - SaaS - Digital Assistant

Drag & Drop Simple

No coding, no headaches. Just drag and drop conversational elements and unleash your creativity… The possibilities are endless.

Simply drag and drop blocks onto the “stage” and you will quickly have a fully functioning digital assistant ready to do the work and help you with your goals.


  • Drag & Drop
  • No Coding
  • Easy Integration

Lead Gen, Reinvented

Forget static forms or boring surveys. Our automated chatbots are a new, engaging way to generate leads or survey your prospects.

Leads, Surveys & More

Collect emails? Run a survey? Generate bookings? Your only limitation is your creativity. Export leads from any of your bots to a CSV, or simply view them online.

Integrate Anywhere with Zapier

We integrate with Zapier so you can seamlessly pass leads anywhere (to a Google Sheet, for example) or create advanced automations with thousands of apps.

Lead generation and conversion bot.

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No hidden costs, ever.
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